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No. Clear My Head is intended for external use only. The herbs are infused with powerful essential oils that combine for powerful effects and also render it unsafe for consumption.

Clear My Head will last up to 2 years when used as directed on the product tag. Shaking the jar periodically will keep the scent invigorating. For maximum life and to retain the therapeutic qualities, we suggest you do not keep the jar open for more than 20 minutes at a time. If you require a more powerful solution for severe sinusitis, see how to make a steam treatment or use in conjunction with Clear My Head to Go (CMH2GO) Roll-on.

Clear My Head is a custom blend of seven pure essential oils and all natural herbs. CMH2GO is the same signature blend of oils in a quality jojoba oil for a long lasting shelf life that will not deteriorate like other cold pressed oil blends.

Desktop users will notice that there is a seashell inside the jar. Besides adding a bit of visual interest & whimsy, it can be carried discretely in your pocket or purse to capture the scent when you are unable to be near your jar.

Steam use: 1 Tablespoon to one cup boiling water. Tent your head with a towel to allow the steam to enter your nasal passages. Breathe normally for 5 to 10 minutes.

When used as directed, there should be no harmful effects on your pet. However, it does tend to make a good cat repellent and essential oils should be used with caution around birds. Never use CMH or CMH2GO directly on an animal.

Both Clear My Head and Clear My Head to Go are made with natural ingredients for adults. We caution using CMH2GO on children younger than 5 years of age. We suggest if your little one has a stuffy nose that you apply the CMH2GO to your chest or wrist and cuddle the child closely so they can inhale the oils without having to apply them to the skin. You may use the Clear My Head jar inhalation in the room, but be sure it is out of the reach of curious hands.

Sinusitis most often develops after a cold (a viral infection) and may improve on its own with home treatment. More than half of sinus infections improve on their own, but sometimes they develop into a bacterial infection. Swelling, inflammation, and mucus production caused by the cold can lead to blockage in the nasal passages, which may encourage the growth of bacteria. The powerful essential oils in Clear My Head can help kill both viruses and bacteria - keeping a secondary (the yellow and green mucus) less likely.

There have been no studies as to whether CMH (Clear My Head) will help eliminate snoring. Let us know if it does!

We NEVER test on animals. We remain committed to products that are both harmonious with the earth and all it's inhabitants.

Our products are made with organic or wild-crafted essential oils, herbs and oils.

We've always been a step ahead of reducing our carbon footprint. We use non-toxic, sustainable organic/natural ingredients, recyclable or biodegradable packing materials and limit product packing to what is necessary to insure safe shipping when ever we can. We don't over-pack our products with unnecessary boxes that you just toss out into the landfill. We believe in a 'less is more' approach to waste: less impact on our planet; more green spaces for all of us, less packaging; more value. We're doing our part and will continue to find ways to balance business and environmental concerns.

Clear My Head Ltd. is dedicated to creating a healthier world, and part of our mission is to donate our time and resources to our selected non-profits. We are active in our community and in international organizations that promote health and quality of life for all. Clear My Head has raised funds for: Ronald McDonald House Charities, Epilepsy Foundation, Susan G Koman for the Cure, The Wellness Connection, DayBreak of Dayton, Rotary International and others. We are unable to support additional requests for donations that we receive outside of our selected charities at this time.

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