Wonderful Products

Clear My Head produces wonderful products that intrigue and delight my customers. We appreciate the ease of doing business with the Clear My Head staff, and the high level of quality in this unique aromatherapy line.

-Melissa Seuster

My Thanks to Brenda

I love Clear My Head products, personally and professionally. I carry my roll-on every where I go.

As a massage therapist I use CMH on a cotton ball after turning my clients face up to help clear any stuffiness, and in reflexology I use the CMH bath salts in the foot bath...smells so good!

My thanks to Brenda for all of the great products she has created!!

-Sherri Landers Crowell

Five Stars

I bought a jar of Clear My Head 5 years ago and it still works!

I keep it right next to my keyboard at work and use it whenever I need a little uplifting. We have a circulated air system, instead of windows that open, and I really believe it helps keep me healthy during cold and flu season. Plus it smells so good, my visitors like it too. Many have bought some of their own.

-Kathleen M. Robinette

I Never Go Anywhere Without It

As a student nurse, I never go anywhere in the hospital without my bottle of Clear My Head 2Go! You never know what experience will be around the corner. Being prepared with the fresh scent of the essential oils, has saved my nose on many occasions.

-Janine Lindgreen

10 Times Better

I just returned from a weekend at my favorite spa where I discovered 'Clear My Head'.

What a brilliant idea! What a great product! I suffer from chronic sinusitis and have been carrying around an old Vicks Vapor Rub inhaler at my bedside and in my purse so I can breathe normally all day. 'Clear My Head' smells 10 times better, stronger and is more effective. I just ordered a jar for my office, and two more to give as gifts. I carry the roll-on with me when I need an additional application directly on my sinus area. I can't wait to have a jar on my desk so I can spread the word.

-Ms. E. Koslow

Helped Tremendously

Just wanted to let you know the "Clear My Head" that I purchased from you last week has helped with my cold tremendously. The first sniff that I took, allowed me to breathe!

-June M Smith

Thank You

Our psychiatric office would like to thank you for the "Clear My Head" product we purchased. I use it on the hour, every hour before seeing a client. It helps to clear my mind and offers me an energy boost.

-Jeffrey D. Riber, P.C.C.

Sinus Sufferer

As a lifelong sinus sufferer, I highly recommend "Clear My Head!" I suffer from sinus allergies for about 10 months of the year. I use "Clear My Head" to clear my sinus passages in the morning. The pleasant aroma and effectiveness is superior to the vapor products that I have used from the local drug store.

-Steven Presar

Sinus Relief

Herbal Inhalation To Go Roll-On

I like the jar of Clear My Head the best but this roll-on is a close second. It is so handy to carry in purse or pocket and really did help my drippy nose! I will purchase again and highly recommend to others!


A Way to Clear Congestion...

Herbal Inhalation To Go Roll-On

I've had chronic nasal congestion for years. Doctors often prescribe medication...which usually doesn't work, is expensive & effects my liver. I now use both the jar & the roll-on. While they don't totally clear my head...they do help. The roll-on is a good way to breathe more freely while I'm out.


Better Than Coffee

Herbal Inhalation To Go Roll-On

The essential oil mix is like opening a window and letting in the fresh air. I have it in my office bag and when things get tedious, I just apply a little bit and it is like going outside for a quick break of daylight and air. It calms and focuses at the same time. I love it.


Handy and Works Wonders

Herbal Inhalation To Go Roll-On

Ordered this along with the Clear My Head jar. I am very impressed with both. I keep this in my purse and the jar stays on my desk at work. Wishing I would have known about this years ago. Highly recommended.


Free Air

Herbal Inhalation To Go Roll-On

I got this product for my granddaughter. After she used the roll-on once she said, Grandma it was like free air! I was thrilled for her. So, thanks for providing something that worked without any side effects that sometimes accompany OTC medications.


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